Strategy skill and a little bit of luck will have you enjoying your beloved tetrominos all over again in bittos®.  With multiple modes to unlock, game styles to suit your every mood, multiple real-time reactive control methods, in-game awards, and high score boards for both you and your household, bittos® sweeps you away through luscious environments, delivering on its commitment to a brand new gameplay experience.

Good luck Players!

Of all the known shapes...

...there is only one square!

Casual Players Read Me!
Welcome to a brand new, compelling, innovative, casual, strategic, puzzle game experience crafted carefully for the casual smooth playing player in all of us.

Core Players Read Me!
Welcome to a brand new, compelling, innovative, hardcore, strategic, puzzle game experience crafted especially for the truly dedicated gamer in all of us.

Everyone Read Me!
Big fun is here!  bittos is all about moving your blocks up, down, left, and right, rotating and placing them on the game board, in just the right spot, to make squares.  Yes, squares!  In fact, making squares, and making squares within squares, will create bittos!  The more bittos you make the more amazing and addicting the results!  What could be more fun?  It turns out, little else.

Placing blocks and creating bittos provides hours of entertainment for the whole family.  The more you play and hone your skills, the more components to the game are unlocked.  Best of all, the more you play, the deeper the challenge and replay value.  Immerse yourself in bittos and bittos will continuously prove more challenging and strategic – always becoming deeper than you previously suspected and always leaving you wanting to Play Again?!!

bittos® and associated art and gameplay are trademarks and trade dress of Unconditional Studios LLC.
© 2009 - 2017 Unconditional Studios LLC.  All rights reserved.

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A little bit here and a little bit there...


27th Jan 2010

...Unconditional's bittos+ is definitely one to add to the "good" pile... ...the gameplay mechanics of bittos+ are completely different from Tetris... ...bittos+ has a very clean, appealing look... ...plays very well, with a tight control scheme and simple, fast-paced gameplay which characterises the hardcore Wired difficulty... ...Beneath the "yet another Tetris" façade lies a fast-paced, original puzzler that offers plenty of arcade action with nary a lull in sight... ...the gameplay is very tight and addictive... 

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bittos+ is like Tetris from another dimension.


26 JAN 2010

...I think puzzler fans will love this design... ...a really stylish, well-made puzzler that's certainly worth 800 of your Wii Points...

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bittos+ for Wii


February 15, 201

...I was really impressed by bittos+... ...never seems forced or frantic, and allows players to enjoy the ambient music and sounds while pretty much undertaking the challenge at their own pace... ...I hope that if Nintendo brings demos back to WiiWare that a bittos+ demo is among them... ...Overall Score: Two thumbs up, 95/100, A, * * * * 1/2 out of 5...

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